Home of the Wigglets!

What is a Wigglet?
A Wigglet is a 16-ish inch yarn (crochet) doll.

Who are you?
I'm the artisan who creates the Wigglets. I started making dolls for my daughters and then expanded my creations into fantasy and beyond. I am a stay at home mom who's 4 kids are finally all in school and I am willing to try to crochet just about anything so feel free to ask!

How do I order one?
Just email me!



Many thanks to all those who saw us at our recent event, loved the items I had with me and found their way to this page.
If you would be interested in purchasing a crafted item please email me at
info@darn-yarn.com to discuss color choices or for more information.
If you have a favorite character/monster/etc. I can work up a pattern for just about anything!

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Home of the Wigglets™
For more info or to order a custom project email me at info@darn-yarn.com